Cinematic Suite

“Cinematic Suite” is a collection of three pieces written with the sound of the golden Hollywood Film scores in mind. The first two movements (Pangea & Majestic) were written as part of the Professional Composer composition contests in 2020. @Mikael, for this, I am deeply grateful that you sparked this creativity and gave this opportunity last year in the dumps of the covid lockdown. Thank you! The third movement (Quest) is a piece written before the lockdown and was a good fit to trio the other “Hollywood” sounding pieces.

3 Mvmts:
0:00 Pangea (Jurassic Park Tribute)
4:02 Majestic (Celebrating the Magnificant Great West)
6:00 Quest (Medieval Adventure & Journey)

I recently consolidated the score and instrumentation to make it more cohesive for (hopefully) a performance by a real orchestra someday. I also expanded on the Pangea mvmt length vs what was used in the contest.

Instrumentation for large orchestra:
3(II=picc,III=afl).3(III=corA).3(III=bcl).3 – – timp.perc(3) – pno/cel – harp – strings

The music was written and produced using StaffPad for iOS and mixed/mastered in ProTool.
©2021 Bubadoi Music (ASCAP)

While there are obvious style references to the great JW, I really enjoyed taking these orchestration elements into my own writing for these pieces. That said, I now aspire to start creating my own sound with the orchestra. (Easier said than done)

I would love to hear your thoughts on the pieces. Do they stand on their own, or are they too much of a JW soundalike to prevent enjoyment? What do you hear in them?


First thing: AMAZING !!!
The JW soundalike it’s not avoidable, but I listen the originality of your melody variation and your orchstration.
On first listen you are immediately immersed in the world of Hollywood, and the 3 theme, I think, are well connected to each other and this makes everything very uniform and pleasant to listen to.

About the Quest piece I think is not so medieval, but seems to me to be a soundtrack of adventure modern film, but it only my impression.

Great job, as always

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These were great pieces Brandon. I definitely could hear the JW influence in the first two. I think the last piece in the suite seemed to stand on its own a bit more as your own sound rather than JW’s (though I could see bits in the score :wink:) I don’t think there is anything wrong with sounding a bit like your favorite composers when beginning to find your own voice. I know because I’m still at that point, trying to sound like JW, Junichi Nakatsuru and Yuki Kajiura, but I’m starting to get pieces that sound more “me.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember something I read by former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman years ago where he said, to find your own voice and style, listen to some of your favorite music, maybe your top ten, then write down the parts of those songs you really like and why/what they sound like. then when you write your own stuff, use those techniques/harmonies/orchestrations in your own music regularly and in time you’ll develop your own style and sound.

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Great work! I can definitely hear the influence of John Williams. This is one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve heard I’ve heard in a long time. I love the way you blended these together!

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@daniello_music , @MaestroX , & @VikingShip - thank you for the kind words, impressions, and insight regarding Cinematic Suite. Much appreciated. Now on to hopefully something more orginal sounding, while having a sound that is approachable and enjoyable to listen to!