Chris Ljung - Hope | Cinematic and Epic Orchestral

Genre/Style: Cinematic Music

Creative Vision for the Track: This is about those moments in life when we feel so lost and can’t see the road ahead, but we still have that feeling of hope inside of us, knowing that everything is going to be alright and nothing will stop our determination, no matter what.

Composition Details: Main chords are A#, G# and D#, but we also have C and G# in between the intro and the big finale. BPM 125.

Main Instruments used: East West Composer Cloud. Symphonic Orchestra: Strings and Brass. Hollywood Choirs (Men and Women) Symphonic Choirs (Boys), Stormdrum 3, Steinway B Piano + Spitfire Labs Soft Piano.

Let me know what you think. I’d really like to get better at mixing instruments, any in depth course you’d recommend for orchestral music?

Thanks and Enjoy!

Headphones Recommended!


Beautiful track Chris,
I love how gentle and slow you build the track. I always found it hard to “restrain” the temptation to “add more”. Silence and “air” are often underrated in music.

The sudden change to epic style almost felt like changing to a new track on Spotify for me personally. I understand that this contrast is intentional, but I would give my feedback that some kind of transition which could be a built-up, teaser… :slight_smile:

What type of course are you looking for, sounds like a course focusing on orchestration (instrumentation) and arranging orchestral music?

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Thank you very Mike! Exactly, I would love to know if you recommend any courses like that. Mixing, arranging, how to get the most out of every instrument family etc.

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I don’t know any particular course like that to be honest, but I might consider doing one in the future if there is a big demand for it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mike!

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Wow that epic part really was EPIC and took me by surprise!
The softer intro also very well made and really great atmosphere.
I could suggest that for the transition from the soft to epic part you could use some risers with drum rolls or some sustained tremolo strings and transition FX from synths, investigate those and see what fits better.

Have a great day!




I really appreciate your feedback Javier, thank you very much!

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Wow! That was unexpected… I went from


in 0.000001 Second :smiley: I would have appreciated a little transition (or at least Mike’s “prepare for loudness in 3… 2… 1…” :wink: )

Besides that: I really like the calm Piano Part, but in my opinion, the epic part is missing something… maybe some accents or something else in the higher frequencies… Besides that: really noice! :slight_smile:


Nice choice of gifs haha! Thank you for the feedback man! :smiley:

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