Channel Robot and Heartwood Soundware products now available via Triple Spiral Audio

I started Triple Spiral Audio 2 years ago and with my good friend Fred Nongat from Subsonic Artz I created a few combined soundsets. We discussed later in Berlin at our visit at Soundbooth the option to combine forces and so it happened that Subsonic Artz joined the site. A few months later another sound designer that I know for many years also became interested and so it happened that Beautiful Void Audio from Erick McNerney also came with his amazing catalogue.

The seed was planted and more collaborations are formed and today I am very pleased to announce that all the products from Channel Robot and Heartwood Soundware are also available via the Triple Spiral Audio website.
Channel Robot creates innovative Kontakt libraries with a unique twist and as well their own synth plugins.
Heartwood Soundware is the label from Jonathan Sharp who is crazy about experimental sounds and he creates otherwordly sounds for synths like Zebra 2, Massive, the Repro’s, Diva and TAL U-no LX

All the products from both labels are on sale for 2 weeks and you can find them at:


Thanks for your tip. I use DIVA a lot and I will buy HIVE 2. And I always interested in new sounds. I will check it out.

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