Chairs... I need a new one

Hi guys I would like to buy a chair for my studio… ok I have one but it’s so hard to my ass hahaahh

At the moment I can spend around 200€.

What do you suggest?

I was looking for something like this…Gamer Chair

Is it good?

I had bad luck with chairs in the past. But my current one is very comfortable. It’s called “Markus” on IKEA.

One thing I did though, is remove the arm rests, because those are always in the way! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never tried a gaming chair, but I think a good “office chair” with lots of adjustments you can make in angle etc. is the best.

Limited space, so I had to go “one size fits all” - so I’m just using one of these, currently:

It looks quite appropriate, considering that my desk has an integrated keyboard, and I also need something without wheels for the cello.

Important: Whatever you choose, make sure it’s covered in fabric, leather, or equivalent! Typical fake leather (impermeable plastic) is terrible if you’re going to sit on it for more than a few minutes at a time. One would think real leather wouldn’t be much better, but there’s actually a huge difference. :slight_smile:


The IKEA Markus that Mike mentioned is probably the best option in that price range - it was the most highly recommended budget one when I was last searching.

For a studio chair you want to be looking at office chairs designed for all day use in a more upright position - the problem with a lot of gaming chairs is that they’re often designed for a different seating position (with most controllers not being on desks, like keyboards are).

My wife has just got GT omega chair and loves it - she does a lot of 3d sculpting so is at a desk for long periods. Finds it really comfortable and is very adjustable with lumber support if you want it. I want one now …

She tried loads of different chairs but this is the best one she’s found so far

It’s about £200 but keep an eye out for sales

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I had a lot of back problems due to a bad chair, I switched to a Herman Miller Aeron and the mesh bottom is a life saver.

You should be able to pick up a used one for around your budget, its worth investing in if you spend a lot time sat down at your desk.

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I bought a refurbished Herman Millar “Aaron” chair…
We use them for programming and long durations of sitting … I have a herniated lower disk in my back and this is the only chair I can sit in for prolonged periods of time ( which incidentally is not healthy to do you do need to stretch periodicallt)… had 2 boy racer gaming chairs in studio …they lasted about 6 months and I have them away …! The “Aaron” chair is very expensive new , but a refurbished chair from an office supply company will be less then half price… all the parts are replaceable …just a heads up


One more vote for IKEA Markus, I’ve had one for a couple of years and it’s quite comfortable