Can you succeed without using streaming services?

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Can composers today succeed without streaming services like Spotify, what is the main benefit from it and do you think you could get the same results without using it?

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Hi @que10musx , I think that you can succeed without using Spotify or Deezer and having just YouTube, but having your music on these platforms will probably greatly boost your visibility and more people will have access to your music. A lot of people only use Spotify or Deezer to listen to their music so they would miss out. And there’s really nothing to lose either! If you still haven’t distributed your music and you don’t want to put money into it I’d suggest using Soundrop, I’ve used it for 3 to 4 months now and works perfectly fine (they do take 15% of your earnings though that’s the price nothing is entirely free :wink:).

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I’d say it depends on what you mean by composers and success. If you were in a rock band or a singer/songwriter type of composer, streaming services might be the best bet as well as trying to play live gigs (hard to do at the moment). On the other hand, if you were more of an orchestral composer, success my be more attainable via composing and licensing for media productions, like video games, TV/TV commercials or movies. If you were successful on those fronts, then selling those soundtracks on streaming services could offer additional income.

Again, it all depends on what you deem success. You need to do more than just put up your music on a streaming platform; you need to promote yourself, get your name out there, meet people and make contacts, get involved in projects that need music, no matter how small, put out music on multiple libraries for licensing, and of course, the big one…learn how to write music.

As an example of something I’m doing, I go to some local pop culture conventions and talk with visual artists and commission them to make original art for some music I’ve written, or ask permission to write music as a companion for one of their works of art and in doing this, I’ve met one artist who is doing an online short story to go with their art and thought it’d be cool to have some music as well and met another who turns out is trying their hand at developing a video game based on their art that need some music to go with it. So it’s a way of getting one foot in the door with other creators and getting your name out there–they may in turn recommend you to someone they know who is looking for a composer for their project!


Very helpful info, thanks. I guess its mostly about visibility like you said. I will check soundrop out too.

I see, so definitely networking is still number one and making new contacts. It seems you have experience with building contacts. I guess we all have to change and adapt to the new ways now with things being virtual for networking and collaborating. Thanks for the helpful info I will use it.

Are you guys registered with sound exchange and one of the big publishers for your music being online, including soundcloud?

I’m not sure but I’m not on soundcloud or sound exchange.

You can try Deezer Music Streaming Service, which not only accesses millions of songs, but also discovers and creates playlists, providing perfect soundtracks for your life. I use the Tunelf Deezer music converter to easily download the music I need, and this streaming service is great!

Some composers succeed through live performances, licensing their music for film and TV, or creating custom compositions for special events.
The main benefit of streaming services is their wide reach and accessibility to a global audience. However, it’s essential to diversify your approach to gain recognition. Building a strong online presence through social media and platforms like SoundCloud or Bandcamp can help you connect with fans directly.
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