Bunker Samples Off-World

My testimonial for the latest Bunker Samples release. “Off-World”, a sample of a bowed Dan Bau.

Bunker Samples like to develop sampled instruments that are different and unique, yet extremely musical and useful. As a very happy user of their gorgeous harmonium, I immediately purchased Off-World. To me these bowed Dan Bau strings almost sound like a pitch-bent church organ at times. Who knew I needed that sound! The longs bows can make for some beautiful pads, while the more distorted patches immediately conjure up memories of epic action movies. After watching the walkthrough I immediately midi-learned the filter resonance to a controller. Add the lush convolution IRs built-in, and it’s either an extremely lush up- or down bending pad or you end up with all sorts of My Bloody Valentine shoegaze drone madness. Very clever programming and a clear UI complete the package. Out of this world good samples.

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