Building A PC For Music Production

In this video we talk about how to get started building your own PC for music production. We cover all the parts we chose, tips while building your PC, and things to keep in mind while deciding which parts to buy.

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Almost my new build to a T! Makes me feel like i made good choices :slight_smile: great video!

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This was a great video, I am getting ready to build my pc and this answered a lot of the questions I had.

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That’s great to hear! We’d love to see the specs of your machine. I think this kind of info is good to share so others can get an idea of where to go. Thanks for watching!

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Thanks for watching Robbie! What similar specs did you get in your new build?

Hey guys just got all my parts in and i suspect my mobo is DOA wont post, movo reads 00 on the onboard leds. Also no output from my gpu. First gpu wouldn’t even turn on, ive been using this gpu for about 8 months so i know its ok but new mobo wont turn it on, swapped it out with an even older gpu and the fans at least kicked on, still no output. New mobo on the way, is it normal for the tr4 boards to work without any gpu drivers initially installed? No onboards graphics so i was curious as to how this works. Any tips and advice would be very appreciated thanks!

Amd threadripper 1950x
Gigabyte aorus x399 pro
128gb of ram

You don’t need the drivers for the GPU installed on any new builds on your first boot. The BIOS is able to be displayed without drivers installed. Windows can also run on basic display drivers until you install proper ones that enable all the features of your GPU.

I’d look up the 00 code in your mobo manual, it should tell what the culprit is, do you have proper power supplied to the motherboard and GPU? I seem to recall 00 codes being CPU related in the past.

00 code was cpu related but i took to the web and found that if i resat the cpu and i still got the 00 code the motherboard was dead. Rebuilt with a new motherboard and all is well now!

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