Big Bang Orchestra Andromeda (Powerful Sound)

Hello Composers, Mike here. Would you like to have a full orchestra at your finger tips?

Watch my Video Review of Big Bang Orchestra here

A writing tool for ultra fast workflow, for creating mockups, rapid sketching, or simply adding a powerful orchestral color to your composition?


wow you know it is my next library that i want to buy right now it sounds verey powerfull and the possibilities of automation are amazing
thanks a lot for the review


Thank you Florent. You can get it for a discount now I believe! :smiley:

@VSL has an amazing range of orchestral libraries.

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@florent83 The introductory sale is just available for just a few more days!
Currently 50% off (65€ instead of 130€)


yep i know i have just buy for 65€ amazing library, great i am eager to finish the download and compose with it


Thanks for very usefull review, seems like really awesome tool! So simple to use. Hmmm. The introduction price is VERY tempting, I may just give myself an early christmas present :slight_smile: It would save so much time and copy pasting between single instruments when producing a powerful orchestra sound.

I have maybe stupid technical question. Does the plugin work inside of Kontakt or you need the Synchron Player? And if you need the Synchron player, is it included in the package? Thanks!


Synchron player for all VSL instruments. Honestly the Synchron interface is so amazing. Perhaps @VSL can give you some more information. :slight_smile:


@Mia_Jezkova here are more information about the Synchron Player:
Features list:!Features

The Synchron Player comes for free with our Synchron Series instruments. It is easy to use and optimized for low RAM usage and optimal SSD performance. It works with all major DAWs and also has a standalone feature.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask :slight_smile: