Beware of the "Jabberwocky"


The Reno Pop’s Orchestra will premiere “Jabberwocky” as part of their “Haunted”* concert on November 4th, 2023! “ Jabberwocky” was the 3rd place finalist composition in their “Composer Showcase” competition.

I wrote “Jabberwocky” many years ago. The music idea came to me on a European family vacation in the early 1990s. Upon returning home, I created a fun (cheesy?) MIDI version titled “Jabberwocky,” based on the Lewis Carroll poem (1871). My dad was discovering computer animation then and made a fun video with simple characters dancing along to the beat.

In 2022, I re-orchestrated the “Jabberwocky” theme while needing some Halloween inspiration. Using StaffPad for iOS, I created a similar arrangement using the palette of a large orchestra, choir & percussion effects. I didn’t hold back when orchestrating it as I wanted it to be zany. It turned out sounding a bit like Danny Elfman-like I believe.

For the more recent Reno Pops score version, I had to cut down on some of the parts (e.g. contrabass clarinet!) and many percussion/sound effects used in the StaffPad version. I also repeated a good portion of the piece to make longer. I am excited to hear how it sounds with the real orchestra!

You can see a walkthrough of all instruments (by group) of the StaffPad version in the video posted.

I hope you enjoy listening! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for making this piece longer with additional movements or sections. :slight_smile:


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This is just wonderful!

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