Best String VST Libraries for Playability?

Which are the Best String libraries for “Playability & Performance”?

I am looking for “smart” instruments that adapt to my playing style, that I can perform with using the MOD-wheel, CC-faders etc. With as little use of key switches as possible, because I hate key switching and “programming music”. And I hate using several tracks per instruments for articulations.

I love software instruments that I can perform with, and add expression to, in one single track per instrument.

PS. I already have both SWAM strings and Sample Modeling strings, which are amazing for playability but lack in tone quality for my taste.

do you have try the chris hein string
it is sound very great but i have no idea about the playability of this library

Thank you Florent, I will look into it, I don’t have any Chris Hein library yet. Hopefully it can achieve the playability I so desire! :slight_smile:

Basically, I am a musician-based composer. I love being able to perform my parts (with minimal programming afterwards).

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