Best small intimate (very realistic) string/brass/wood/... vst library for smaller compositions?

There are no shortage of big-fat-hollywood orchestra… but I’m looking for smaller more “intimate” stuffs to score stuffs like that :

I already have VCO2…. but it’s not quite that. It really lack details and the legato are very average. I’d really wish to find something with as much realism and options as BBC orchestra… but small.

Google wasn’t so helpful, maybe you will be :slight_smile:

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There’s Spitfire’s Studio Orchestra which is more a chamber orchestra. I also just posted a link to Audio Imperia’s new SOLO library, which is a collection of solo instruments for detailed expressive writing.

If you’re looking to write very emotional or intimate music, using solo instruments with a lighter accompaniment is usually a good way to go.

Thanks a lot ! I will also reply to myself that I was very impressed by the CSS solo strings.

I think the spitfire stuff, albeit brilliant is a tad too larger than life for my liking. I’m looking for really dry stuff where you can really hear all the imperfection of the bow on the strings… and the CSS does the best job at that so far

The audio imperia stuff definitely has the flavour I’m looking for (albeit slightly less articulations and techniques)… but it’s a fantastic bang for the bucks

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I’ve had good success with Audio Imperia—they mix really well and are very easy to use.

Perhaps LASS (LA Scoring Strings) could be something for you?

I’ve been looking for something similar myself. I’m currently leaning toward VSL’s Elite strings, but also considering Vienna Modern Strings and 8dio Intimate strings. I have to say, that LA Scoring Strings sounds quite good as well, will have to add it to my list.