Best Orchestral Sample Libraries & Plugins (your favorites?)

Hello Composers, Mike here! :smiley:
I want to share my personal favorite instrument plugins and sample libraries for orchestral and cinematic music that I currently own. And I want to hear about your favorites, how you use them, and why they are so amazing in your opinion. :slight_smile:

Favorite Synth for Cinematic Music: Omnisphere
This is not specifically for orchestral and cinematic music, but it is my favorite instrument plugin of all time, and I use it in every single track I compose. I especially like it for organic and deep sounds, like acoustic/hybrid presets, pads etc. And I love the rich sound design capabilities. I often use pads/strings presets for background chords and harmonies, as well as soundscapes and atmospheres for ambience and drones.

Favorite Strings for Cinematic Music: Afflatus
I love how playable it is, and how much expression you can put into the ensemble patches. Polyphonic legato, dynamic per note velocity combined with expression on MOD-wheel creates very dynamic and realistic performances. It also has a tone in the recordings that I simply love. And it includes so many different style-based presets, that it feels like having many string libraries in one.

Favorite Brass for Cinematic Music: FORZO
I have to confess I am a huge fan of Heavyocity as a developer. I own several of their libraries, and they have never disappointed me. Forzo has that warm, bold and powerful tone I love in brass. I also love the sforzando articulation in particular. And the tone shaping and sound design capabilities are incredible!

Favorite Woodwinds for Cinematic Music: CineWinds
Alright, so I need to look for new woodwind libraries, as I still have none that compete with the old classic CineWinds by Cinesamples. Easy to use, very playable, an amazing hollywood room sound, and nice mic options.

Favorite Choir for Cinematic Music: Storm Choir 2
I have to confess that I mainly use choirs for rhythmic writing, as in staccato phrases. And right now I always go to Storm Choir 2 for this. Excellent sound, incredible microphone mix and blend options, a stack mode for a more powerful sound, and a super fast and easy phrase-builder.

Now I want to hear about your favorite plugins and sample libraries for orchestral and cinematic music, how you use them, and why they are so amazing in your opinion. :slight_smile:


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