Best Bundle Package VST Plug Ins

Hi friends, I can highly recommend the plugins from SL Digital. They do it on a monthly fee basis, so you pay 9 $ I think each month and you can use ALL of their analog modeled vst plugins. They sound KILLER !!!


SL Digital, do you mean Slate Digital? I’ve seen many producers use their rack plugins, looks amazing and sounds very good! :slight_smile:

Jupp Slate Digital ! They have so damn good compressors, eq, band machine emu, reverb etc. - it is great ! You never need to buy any other plugin. Also they have a great mastering vst.

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Hey guys! Take a look at Baxter eq from Acustica Audio! it’s free for now ad it’s really great! I recently bought many of their products and they left me speechless! They can easily compete with UAD

I was really big on plug-in alliance plugins after all they’re basically uad plugins for vst/aax. Unfortunately they’ve gone gone the subscription route - disappointing. I doubt whether they’ll have the same kind of sales in future.

I may now look at slate - although I already have 40-50 top line plugins already.

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Wow, a free bundle of effects comparable to UAD! Need to look into that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean. I am very careful of subscriptions for plugins and libraries. It kind of locks you in, which I don’t like. =/

I meant that Audio Acoustics is comparable with UAD, only the baxter eq is free and it’s beautiful! I also bought Toupe and Magenta5, wonderful! take a look Mikael!

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