Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 & 2, or Metropolis Ark 1 & 2?

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I’ve just seen that NI has a big sale for Libraries from Orchestral Tools on their website, and I’m wondering which one I should take?!


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I don’t have Inspire, but it looks and sounds like a really nice option when you need to work fast, and/or want to simplify the orchestration process. (I’m not generally a huge fan of all-in-one and sketching libraries, as I’m quite comfortable with separate sections, first chairs etc. I’m using Spitfire, 8Dio and others for that, and I’d like to add the “full size” Berlin series to my collection as well at some point.)

However, I have all the Arks, and love them. Ark 1 can probably serve as you main orchestral library if you’re focusing on trailers and the like, but if you want to do “proper” orchestrations, the Ark libs are probably best seen as expansions for when your core library set isn’t epic/dark/percussive/focused enough. (That is, Ark 1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively; each one focuses on a particular area.) There are some really nice choirs and other bonuses in there as well.


After some research, I’m actually very tempted to grab the Inspire libs… The essentials are there (full orchestra, common ensembles, some solos, some percussion), in an easy to use package, and the sound matches the Ark libs (which I already have) out of the box. Fast scoring solution, with extra spice available when needed.


It might be worth noting that Inspire offers only one mic position, and emulated legato transitions. Still a great, amazing sounding and capable “starter kit” for virtual orchestration, especially at the current NI bundle deal price point. Had it existed when I stared out with virtual orchestration, I’d have grabbed it on the spot.

However, for me, the mic and legato limitations are deal-breakers, given that I’m already well covered in “full size” orchestral libraries (with all the mics, true legato etc), as well as some of the Red Room Audio Palette libraries (which have three mic positions BTW) for easy and fast sketching and scoring.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
I’m gonna give it a try, thanks

Thanks a lot one mic position is like BBC SO core so wont be buying it.