BBC spitfire orchestra

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Now its been officially released, wondering if anyone has any reviews or feedback on the spitfire bbc orc plugin, still debating whether its really worth it and adds anything new, as it were.



I got it on release day. It’s amazing and well worth the money. The plugin itself is causing some RAM leaks but after I submitted a ticket through to Spitfire I got a response they’re actively working on a fix.

Here’s my short overview of the instrument if you’re interested:


How is the sound consistency in samples, timing etc. And how is the CPU efficiency and loading time?

The dynamic range of all the sections is very good! The instrument is definitely more on the traditional side, and not so much on the hybrid side, so I think it’s ideal for film scoring. Although, it can sound VERY loud and big, and especially if layered with other processed libraries.

The sound is great straight out of the box, I basically don’t use any reverb at all on it because it was recorded in Maida Vale Studios in London and the natural reverb of the hall is so majestic.

Performance-wise, CPU load is almost negligible. I’m running this on i5 @ 3.2 GHz and 24 GB RAM. The disk load is something that can be a system bottleneck, so I definitely recommend using a SSD. I decided to buy an M.2 SSD just for this library and that made a lot of difference.

At the moment, RAM load seems to be the only issue but as I mentioned in my earlier comment, they seem to be aware of this and I was told the developers are working on patching it up soon.

The library is on the pricey side but it comes with all 4 sections of the orchestra with so many articulations that one basically doesn’t even need a second library for film music composition. It definitely tops all other Spitfire libraries in my opinion.


Wow that sounds really nice, I hope they also continue to improve their sample player…especially on performance, RAM, loading speed etc. :slight_smile:

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They just released a new patch, but the RAM issue is still there. Back to drawing board I guess.

How is playability and the feeling when recording parts (playing in real time)…CSS struggles with that, and I personally love to play instruments. I record all parts live in my music.

So far most people I know that have purchased it have told me it needs A LOT of RAM - so “serious professionals only” for the time being I think.

It’d be great if you can update us on whether their fix makes it any less heavy though :slight_smile:

Might I suggest everyone looks through David James’s stream of BBCSO, he did a 4 part walkthrough of the library, covering everything, though the RAM issue was one of the big issues , there’s a lot in there which I think is worth considering, especially when this is a £1000 library, it’s made me think twice about purchasing it, as there was some very good points made about it on the stream :slight_smile:

Until they fix a lot of issues, not just with RAM, i won’t be buying it :slight_smile:

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Since loading times literally drives me crazy, I’ll pass until that is fixed! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be great if you can update us on whether their fix makes it any less heavy though.

You can definitely count on that! I’m gonna post a new video on my YouTube channel soon™


I said it on another topic, that it might be „just“ another orchestral libraries, however, I don’t think that’s true actually, as you really get the full experience of an orchestra, the solo leading instrument with a lot of articulations, „Albion“ doesn’t give that at all. And the second big advantage is if you can orchestrate smart and nice, you will get the right mix proportions due to the fact that every section is played like it was recorded. Groups of the right amount of instruments. If you compare it to the way „All in one“ libraries work, your composition process is like: „ok, let me put another layer, another library, another, bigger, better, stronger…“. Sometimes we got too overwhelmed with too many options and that’s why we stuck at some point and start to re-think we’ve done so far. That can lead into frustration and depression. At least what I feel sometimes.

If you have a solid library, like BBC, you know exactly where you need to improve your skills, as it’s most of the time the „faulty“ arrangement move, and not always a „layer“ problem.

Does it make sense?

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Interested in this library as well … have Spitfire EDNA and its running fine… but also running m.2 drives …
Still working on migrating my Komplete 12 libraries over to m.2 hopefully by the end of the weekend …
Thanks for the update on the BBC SO … I realize its quite costly but to be honest in my world Kontact 12 ultimate was $300.00 more!

Anyhow … if they get the memory leaks sorted out , I’m up to purchasing this library as I don’t have much for orchestration outside of Kontact , but the BBC SO sounds really good …like exceptionally good right out of the box based on videos I’ve had a chance to look at. and I really want to get into Orchestration and learn

This is an unlisted video (for copyright reasons) but here’s my latest track, 95% you hear is BBC SO.

The other 5% is the low end kick I layered with BBC SO percussion in the last 15 seconds and the staccato/sustain choir in the same part of the track.

The RAM issue is somewhat contained with the latest 1.0.5 patch but the instrument still takes a lot of memory on its own. With this project loaded in Cubase and all tracks enabled, my RAM usage goes up to about 19 GB in total.

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