Battle Cry (Epic Soundtrack)

Hello all!

Here is my piece ‘Battle Cry’.

Creative Vision: After watching Game of Thrones this summer I wanted to create a short Epic track that depicted a battle scene. I wanted to test myself and see if I could tell a story of a battle in less than 5 minutes. The biggest part of my vision was having an instrument be the “Battle Cry”. Let me know if you hear it!

Tempo: I chose a moderate tempo of 137 for this piece. I started with a string ostinato and built the piece around it. The ostinato sounded best at that tempo.

Harmony: The piece overall has a very simple harmony. bVI - bVII - I. I modulated to a few different keys to keep to momentum of the piece moving forward.

Hopefully you enjoy it and I would love to hear any constructive criticism!

Ryan Stella

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For me I really enjoy the track once it kicks in at 1.12 onwards. Really nice melody and harmony going on.

The start for me is the weakest point. Don’t like the juxtaposition of those two instruments you’re using, not sure what they are? It seems a little messy, personally I’d stick with one and be a bit clearer where you’re going with it :slight_smile: hope that helps

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For my part, I find this demonstration quite convincing.
The beginning with the percussion and the war cry, then the sound progression, with the strings that arrive little by little to create this crescendo seems to me the most beautiful effect.
The only complaint, in my opinion, is a lack of sub sounds, very serious sounds that could strengthen this style of music.
In conclusion: very good!

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To Ben and Jean-Michel, thank you for your feedback!
I will definitely be taking your constructive criticisms and improving upon them in further compositions!