Automatic Sample Edit Software?

I like to record my own sounds and use as samples. :slight_smile:
But I hate the editing part, like cutting the audio so that it starts and ends where the actual sound is in the recording. Doing that on 1000s of audio recordings is so boring.

Is there any automatic software out there for this?

Hi Mike,

maybe you can use macros in audacity?
Haven’t tried it, but it could work…

Thanks Michael, hmm that is not quite what I need I think. So, I start my external recorder…then I hit something (let’s say a pan in the kitchen), then I press end recording. I want a software to basically remove the initial “silence” before the hit, and the silence afterwards…and then create a new audio sample that simply has that hit sound.

ok, my idea was to record all sounds, then implement a macro which finds dnymically the silences at the begining an the end and removes it, then let 100 Sounds pass that macro…

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I wonder if this is possible in Logic Pro X, I would prefer that before getting a new software I need to learn :stuck_out_tongue: