Articulations - Tenuto, Marcato and Accent for WW and Brass

Hi guys,

I was looking on internet and looking for a nice attack on my Brass (in particular) Chords.

But I understood that:

Tenuto is like sustain with a slow attack,
Marcato when there’s a heavy accent on the note
Accent accented initial tongue

Now I was thinking, why don’t try to use Marcato for the chords? Do you think it’s a nice idea? will it sounds great and powerfull?

and the last question, the difference between Marcato and Accent? I don’t mean on the score, but I’m talking about the real sound, the real effect, they seems to accent the note with the articulation on the top of the note… But sin’t the same thing?

I hope you can clear my mind :blush:

Hey Carlo!

When you notate “tenuto” on a score it basically means to play the note for its “full value” - in practice, that normally results in a “slightly forced” sound - like a really soft accent.

So tenuto is good when you just want a note to sound slightly more forced than usual.

Marcato actually IS an accent, but for some reason it’s become accepted to use “marcato” instead of “marcatissimo”

So accent = marcato, and is a more forceful note

Marcatissimo (which most people call “marcato”) is an EVEN MORE forceful note.

In brass, that usually means if you notate something as “accent / marcato” you get a powerfully hit note.

If you mark something “marcatissimo” you get a REALLY powerfully hit note, so much so that you usually get a bit of a “raspy” sound coming through - almost an uncontrolled sound.

Checkout my overview of the string articulations here :

Most of those articulations translate over to brass instruments too.

Hope that helps and answers your question!


Thank you so much @SoundtrackAcad I was looking for the result of the articulations, indeed I should go to listen a real orchestra playing with the sheet in front of me, so I can watch and listen these articulations.

While studying orchestration I’m going to be very annoying with sample… cuz sometimes you can’t decide what you want, but a real performer can do it, you have to emulate that sound. For example I don’t have “Marcatissimo” and now I want it hahahah

However thank you for your time :pray:t3:

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