Anyone want to help me? (Paid job)

Some of you may know I’m working on a major “Star-Warsy” project for a YouTuber. I have composed nearly 75 minutes of music for it.

My score is currently all a piano foundation that must soon be turned into an orchestral score. I will need assistance with midi orchestration, preparing scores for recording live musicians, and possibly even some additional composition to fill gaps between, or supplement, the pieces I’ve written.

So I need assistance from people who are good at straight-orchestral mocking up (and have great samples), and good at notation, as I’m going to hire a few live players to blend in with the samples.

I’ll be paying out of my pocket, so I can’t pay that much. I’m budgeting maybe $10,000 for live musicians AND support staff. It’s a shoestring budget considering what I’m trying to accomplish.

But if you’re interested in helping, please respond in this thread and let me know where I can hear some of your work, and what samples and notation software you use.

(We can discuss payment once mutual interest is established. Basically, the honest truth is that this is going to be a bit of a strain for me, so I need to squeeze a lot of value out of you for as little money as possible, but also I am adamant about respecting you as a professional, so we will try to find a price point that satisfies that.)


(Mike, please let me know if this is the right category for this post.)


Hey Everett,

My background is in classical composition but I’ve manly been creating trailer music. Can I do a mock-up tonight and send it you tomorrow to see what you think? Sounds like a great project I’d love to be apart of if up to your standard.

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Yes, I’d love to hear your work. Do you want me to send you a part to mock up, or were you thinking you’d create something from scratch for me to hear?

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If sending me a part of a mock up would be better for you then you can send me it via

Just let me know which would be more beneficial.

I have sent you an email. Thanks!

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:joy:great! I’ll send you a Wav tomorrow.

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Ah my friends, I need to lower that char limit some more I see. I was worried of more spammers joining the forum, or ‘silly short’ replies like one word or an emoji only. But since I have been amazed at the quality of members I can dial back some of the anti spam measures. :slight_smile:

PS. @ComposerEverett I would love if you posted the end result of this YouTube project when it is finished. In the music section would be nice, with a description including some creative insights! :smiley:


Yes of course I’ll share it when it’s done! I will want the world to hear it.