Anyone Need a Classic Logo Splash Track?

Ok, so I was just messing around with some ideas and I happen to put this little piece together and tried out some new mastering techniques/tools I have. The result is this classic sounding Hollywood style logo splash track, which, I’ll be honest, sound like something that’s already out there, but I can’t place it.

Anyway, it has a C Lydian #4 type of sound to it, making it a bit dreamy. Allegro tempo at 140bpm and a pretty standard classic instrumentation.

What do you all think? Did I hit the mark?
If any video makers out there would like to use this for their logo splash, let me know :smile:


Haha what a cool idea…this could be a future contest in the forum actually! :slight_smile:

I think you nailed the “cinematic logo” style. :smiley:

There’s a few minor things I would have changed personally (no errors, just my opinion). That piano chord coming in at 5 seconds felt a bit hmm…I don’t know…perhaps too upfront and sudden for my liking, so would have dialed it way down in dynamics, or perhaps even started on a lower voicing and built the harmonic momentum upwards from there. I feel the piano could probably “do more” than it does currently overall, to add to that energetic movement type of vibe. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it feels that the reverb on just the piano is a bit “off” for whatever reason, like it was recorded in a completely different room than everything else. Dynamically, it might sound a bit loud because the only other thing playing there was violins I and they are practically at niente just to give some ambiance.

That might be a fun contest to do! Like doing a studio logo splash or news broadcast theme!

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Well done!

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Thanks Lori! :smile:

Adjust the panning for the percussion and more aggressive Just a opinion not very serious

Really nice splash good job

I would actually disagree with Mikael on the nature of the initial piano hit that it’s a 18 second long piece. Fanfare is the espresso of compositions - all the intentions of full tracks but condensed into a single shot. And just like coffee, but if its not done right it’ll be either Bitter or Sour :smiley: If it was a longer song I would agree the piano hit is a little harsh.

For me, the sudden sharp hit shifts from the slow “waking” tone of the intro into the triumphant body of the fanfare. If it didn’t change sharply the whole fanfare would feel too mellow like an orchestral warm-up and less confident and triumphant. I know it’s meant as a Hollywood splash but I could see this in a video game for “finding the item” or “opening the chest” or something too.

But a fanfare contest does sound like a lot of fun.

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