Anyone else looking at Auddict PercX?

I’ve been trying to decide which Black Friday offer(s) to grab to upgrade my orchestral/trailer percussion section (Saga, Apocalypse, Cerberus, Stormdrum 2/3, …) - and suddenly, a new contender shows up: Auddict PercX.

It’s a stand-alone plugin (not a Kontakt instrument), and it’s all deep sampled instruments + sequenced loops. It’s expandable with new kits and rhytms, and there are a few available already, all included with the Pro version.

I’m mostly interested in it for the sounds, and I very rarely use loops of any kind - but these appear to be playable with real time dynamics control, which might change that. Oh, and you can record and edit in the integrated sequencer as well, so I suppose you could do the percussion programming in there, instead of in the DAW, and have the best of both worlds.

Update: Watch the second walkthrough video. Some pretty interesting sequencing capabilities there!