Anxiety in F#min

A minimal approach to Dark music.
DAW : Logic Pro X
Instruments : Mostly NI
FX & sound processing : Logic , NI , Waves & several stages of bounces :grinning:


This definitely has a dark atmospheric vibe to it. As if in a scene of futuristic soldiers searching an space alien city for the enemy, then they start digging in.

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Try this approach next Track> Intro>Buildup>Climax 1>Climax2.Outro.
That is a typical Trailer format .If that’s what your going for?

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love the glitchy rhythm bed perhaps could do with a bit more variation perhaps

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Totally agree , that’s my idea also … normally I let things ’ rest ’ but this one was made in a few days . Thx for listening .

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I’ll surely keep this in mind next time. Thx for listening.

That is a nice tought , everyone is allowed to think of a scene that goes along. That’s the freedom of music.Thx for listening .

Love all the glitchy percussion. Cool dark pads. I think it might help to balance out some of those higher pad sounds with some other low end elements, if they don’t muffle the percussion. For minimal tracks like this I think it might also keep listener interest if you change up the inversions of the chords, maybe havin each progression go a little higher, but stay on the same chords. Then you could have a lower end sound that descends as the pads are rising. Curious what you did for the percussion. Were they loops? Did do any sound tweaking on them? Your track makes me want to get lost in a game, wondering a dark sci-fi wasteland.


Like the idea of rising pads while the low end descend that could be interesting . The loop was made with ’ Damage ’ from NI it’s great for this kind of music . Also appreciate your vision of a dark wasteland . Thx for listening .