Another on from the 80s

Hi All - Another one that I wrote for my Bar Band back in the 80s - Used be called Recovery Road, changed to Anam Cara

Genre/Style: Sort of Singer/Songwriter, New Agey, etc.
Creative Vision for the Track: Wrote this during an emotional time way back when. Recreated here and added some new textures and vocals
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Simple Song format C Major - (Verse C / G / Am (x2) dmin- C- G/B - A min - Chorus F-G-Am)
Main Instruments used: Kontakt Guitars, Logic Drums, My New PRS Kestrel Bass (love it), Synth V/Dreamtronics Natalie and some Output mysterioso voices).

Still drafty - Feedback Welcomed.