Ambient Music Course (From Mike) - Assignment 2, First Try

As you can read… this is my first try at the second assingment (well the first one was a listening assignmet) of Mike Ambient Music Course… So I tried a Relaxing ambient music.

I tought I’d post this for some feedback before going forth so I could correct eventual mistakes on the fly before learning wrong stuff ^^


This is just 8 bars, so around 30 seconds. 60 bpm 4/4


For the chords I made myself a PAD using Iris2… using a simple synth wave, a far away small waterfall sound I recorded some time ago with my cellphone, some bird sounds and a sample that was already in the Synth.

Everything else was done using Sonivox Film Scoring Companion and is, as a reference:

  • Layered Cello, Viola and Violins.
  • Layered Tuba and Horns.
  • Layered solo Piccolo and and Oboe ensamble.

I did my best to have the dynamics “move” differently to better shape the sound.


Fantastic take on the style of ambient music Luca. Sound very mellow and smooth. :slight_smile:

My only feedback would be that you could make the woodwinds notes go even longer before transitioning, to make them even smoother. It all depends on where you want the track vibe to be: ambient vs relaxing.

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Here I was thinking that the high end of it was way too loud and that I probably should have brought it way down xD I’ll try with longer notes as I keep doing the assignment. Perhaps I’ll post again when I get to later assignments in the course. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry If I post this here… I went onward and went to the other assignment about the magical ambient music. I’d like to just ask if I managed to correctly make adjustments about your previous feedback… so I can go on with the rest of the course at ease :slight_smile:

I like the “tingly” sounds. It is a bit too bright perhaps and could do with a slope reduction in the high range, but again, these are no hard rules. It all depends on context, and how far in the background you want to push the track. :slight_smile:

I really like the atmosphere you created here Luca. :slight_smile:

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