Amazing VST Plugin for Mixing (Spectre Review)

Amazing VST Plugin for Mixing (Wavesfactory Spectre Review)
I just got a new plugin which instantly became one of my new favorites for both mixing and mastering, and I want to share my review with the composer community! =)

Check out Spectre by Wavesfactory here

Check out my Review:

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I’ve had it for quite some time, but I always seem to forget about it when I could really use it! :smiley: Maybe I should move it into the right plugin category in Cubase, for starters, since I never seem to remember the name.

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Seems to me like the equivalent brother from iZotopes Neutron plugin. What I like the most is the option to give more „Air“ without EQing the signal, instead saturating only the high band to a couple of dBs. Excitement is guaranteed!


Yeah, it’s not exactly unique, but it seems like a nice and effective UI for what it does…

On that note, I’ve used kiloHearts Multipass for that sort of stuff sometimes. Since it’s a modular multiband sound design solution, you can do a lot more than just adding saturation per band. It has all the usual effects (EQ, compression, saturation, distortion, pitch shifting, reverb, delay, …), which you can chain as desired on each band.

Oh, and it looks like Multipass and Snap Heap will become snapins in the near future. Unlimited recursive sound design! \o/

I actually created folders in my plugin manager in Logic called “Favorite Instruments” and “Favorite Effects”. That way I don’t need to dive and search in folders all the time! :wink:

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That would be the “root” level in my respective trees - but Spectre hasn’t made it there, as I never use it. Catch-22… :smiley:

What I like most is being able to do mid side processing…selectable per band! :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t make your own folders in Cubase plugin manager?

There are two main mixing plugins I love to death right now…NI Supercharger (seriously underrated), and Spectre. For normal compression and EQ I actually use the ones that come with Logic, which are actually very good today! :slight_smile:

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Something I would like to add to the mastering chain is a really high quality tape saturation plugin. In fact, I’ll post that as a new topic to not go to OT in this thread. :slight_smile:

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Hey David, what category should Spectre be in?
I’d be happy to change that in the next version.

I’m not sure…! (Which is why I don’t have a proper category for it in my manual tree either.)

IIRC, there is a multiband dynamics category or similar, but I don’t know if there are any other multiband categories. “Gray zone” plugins tend to be pretty random with this, and some developers just put all their plugins in their own brand name group, so the categories aren’t all that useful from a user POV anyway, in my experience.