Affordable screen recording software?

Hey, what screen recording software are you all using? I’m not a fan of apples built in one so I’m looking for the best alternative that won’t break the bank :slight_smile: would be good if it recorded audio at the same time.

Thank you everyone!

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I don’t know but I am curious to find out.

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I tried out a lot and I believe that there is nothing better on the market than Screenflow, especially for Mac. I think for Windows there are more options that would work, but Mac could only handle SF the best.

What I like about SF:

  1. Easy to work with. One shortcut to start recording and stop recording.
  2. Easy setup, even with multi-input-interfaces.
  3. Great features build-in. You don’t even need another editing-software.
  4. You can use your audio-plugins like iZotope etc. pretty cool, however you can’t see the visual changes, you one have the sliders.

What I don’t like so far:

  1. To slow with rendering the files (my iMac is actually a beast). So it would be better to go for 5-10 minutes videos. My last one (one hour), puh…it took me just so long to export it…
  2. Sometime during recording I have an audio issue, however, it’s only on my input, not output. So the recording doesn’t have that issue. You can stop recording, start again, and it works. Couldn’t figure out what it is, why it happens.

What I liked to before buying it was that the support is amazing and really helpful. I had an old copy of SF 4 but haven’t found my license, due to system change. So they still gave me the discount, which is really nice.

By the way, the Mac one is really good, but not for audio recordings, like DAW. They have improved it from Quicktime, but audio doesn’t work with DAW and Mic at the same time. So SF comes in, as they have a special audio plugin that captures all inputs together. :slight_smile:

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Ah that sounds like what I’m looking for. Yes I agree, the Mac one doesn’t do audio recording well and it’s the one thing that is frustrating me.

I will wait to see which others are advised and then check out them all at once,

I tried to create my first tutorial the other day and I really found it difficult to use the free Mac one and it frustrated me so much. The tutorial was actually for the new update of my most recent Kontakt library… something I stupidly didn’t include before my initial release. Something I’ve learnt the hard way. So I definitely need a good piece of software that can handle this.

Don’t waste your time. Just buy it. It works.

As I said, I have tried everything on the market, and besides Screenflow nothing worked how I actually want it. Believe me. It’s now $129 and you will use it for the next 4-5 years without needing an upgrade. It’s worth it.