Action music contest futuristic

I wanted to try to capture the emotions and energy of a futuristic dystopic but heroic and hopeful movie through the use of orchestral sounds (brass, drums and strings) combined with electronic ”spacesounds”.

I doubled the chamber strings and used tremolo and spiccato to try to give the music energy. To create a sense of space I added the reverb ”Dark Abyss” in Logic Pro X.

The sound effects and the choir come from Soundiron and Native Instruments ”Hit and Rise” combined with extra reverb. I wanted the choir to add the dystopic emotion. During the month I have searched for video clips and I found the video source clips from ”Tunnelmotions” on Pixabay. The video is edited in Premiere Pro.

I wish I had more time to add drums, work with the instruments, video etc. but thank you for a fun time writing music and take care, everyone! :slight_smile:


I thought the dissonances and textures were sophisticated and delicious. One of my favorites.

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Very nice Anna. I think you captured the “space odyssey” sound really well. I can definitely hear more to this; you fad the strings out, then…BOOM! you come back in with the drums and stuff. I thought you did a good job making it work with the video clip as well.

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I like this it, certainly works for me, the choice of video was superbly appropriate too. I certainly felt that sense of transition from the now to the future with hopefulness comes through. There is a tenderness that comes through both this and your previous work which is most pleasing. Wel done!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it! :heart:

Wonderful Anna. Very intense and inmersive. Voices+brass sound amazing. Congratulations.

Anna - beautiful work. I really like the realistic orchestration and the suspenseful tone. I only wished you had written more and kept going! :grinning:

Thank you! So nice to hear your Star Wars heroine theme! I agree with the comments on your page: A+++ :slight_smile:. Good luck with your project!

Thank you! I loved your fast tempo and the use of “knives through steal”! :slight_smile: I think that your music reflects the image very well and I can relate to your comment (Sad music contest) about sitting by the piano being inspired by these competitions, meeting and learning by others sharing the same passion! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I loved your melody and the historical, cinematic feeling!

Thank you, Vicente! Good job with the tension in your piece and the way you use the texture and female voice to add to the storytelling!

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Thank you, Brandon! And thank you for inspiring me in making a video using the combinations of Pixabay clips! I hope that you have enjoyed your celtic fiddle! :slight_smile: Your piece was great but I could only vote for five great pieces.

I wish I had time to make it longer. Next time I think I will use a picture so the length of the clip won’t affect the music but it i so fun writing to picture! :slight_smile: I hope that you will participate in the “Sad music contest”!

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Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I had one idea when @Mikael announced the next contest, but now I have 3 separate possible pieces! I guess if there is a specific goal/theme, you get more ideas. I hope you can participate as well, I’d love to hear your take on ‘sad music.’

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Yeah it’s hard to find good long stock videos unfortunately. Haven’t had a chance to use the fiddle yet but good to have for future. These contests are fun. Looking forward to hearing what you write for the next one.

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Your video is awesome, I also use pixabay for my clips. But you can also use 2 or more to make your clip longer, or you could use one and play it backwards again, to double the length.
I really enjoyed your composition, i wish it was a bit longer, but its very intense, and i love the choir at the end.

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