Action Contest July 2020 - Teffany the Heroic

This take is my first attempt to create and compose action music. I choose two ostinatos in c minor.The tempo is 140 bpm with 4/4 signature. I do not use any usual chord progression. One ostianto in the bass and one in the violas. This ostinatos run with the percussion. the horns section present a long legato theme in f minor above the c minor ostinato. The brass section produces sounds and rhythmic accents. The woodwinds and the harps play some runs.

Teffany the Heroic

youtube Teffany the Heroic

Klaus Ferretti


Very nice Klaus. I really like the the brass lines underneath the ostinatos–they are simple but fit well with the composition and the Fm/Cm creates some nice dark tension. What was the creative vision you had for this? Were you inspired by any piece in particular, or some visual idea? What libraries did you use?

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A few days ago I saw a movie “Peppermint” with Jennifer Garner. She was a female fighter who takes vengeance for the death of her family. Something like that I had in mind while I composed my track. But my track is short of brutal or thrill. I think the track is not fast enough. Nevertheless I work out an action music - I hope.
I used for that music metropolis Ark 2, Damage, Forzo and majestica

Klaus Ferretti


Great work I like your Horns section

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Very interesting. I never saw the movie, but I can hear the idea for “vengeance.”

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Very nice… Klaus, I like the way you use horns and cellos/Violins. For me track is too short.
Mine I was not started yet. Just now I realized about the competition.

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Great piece Klaus, really good use of the orchestra and you really brought the themes to life, while adding some good thematic variation which effectively developed your theme in such a short time.

The thoughts I had while listening to it which were constructive were as follows. Your mixing is solid and I felt that you really knew how to approach it which is great.

I would have liked the piece to reach a climax as it’s all very Mezzo Forte and never really hits thats Fortissimo which we were longing for. Your dynamic range was great apart from that. I think you simply needed more harmonic variation and longer to really fully develop that piece. Though as I said earlier you did well in the time you gave us to develop the themes as you did.

Harmonically it’s mainly just 1 chord which is fine, and your contrapuntal parts add accidental harmonic variation which works very well. In parts though you could add more variation by creating faster staccatissimo passages that push through a fast progression into the next section.

All in all though this was great, especially seeing as you said it’s your first attempt at the genre! :smiley:

Thanks for your great comment.I really like reading your nice comment. But- if I may - let me explain only one thing: The chord progression goes C min. - A half-diminished - C min. - Ab major - C min. . The trick is there is: in every chord the e flat and this links the chords with a rhythm almost throughout the whole piece.
Thanks again
Klaus Ferretti

Yes I know which chords you used, they’re all related to the tonic (Cmin).

A half dim is a substitution and Ab is the major 6th which is also a classical substitution for 1. :slight_smile: it’s explained in Schoenbergs theory of tonal function :slight_smile: everything is a substitution for 1 and 5. :smiley: I hated this theory in university but sadly it’s amazing. Again I loved the piece :slight_smile:

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Nice work Klaus! You kept the drive going and I like the vocal-is sounds around 0:50 that added some nice new colors.


Good rhythm and nice use of the brasses!


Good work. It brings me Beetlejuice and Hulk (what a mixture!)