Action Contest - Impossible Scape

This composition is inspired by the scape of a kid from a reformatory where he was resident by mistake for something he did not do. It is composed and performed by a wide string orchestra and is also based in the use of strong individual dynamics. The use of staccato and unison motives are predominant. I also use the same motive across different diatonic modes, at the end of the piece, to move the harmony and keep the momentum.

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Excellent composition. Only comment is that maybe a chord progression ending in a cadence would add to the harmony.

Thanks for the comment. I think you have a good point.



Cool piece. I like use of the rhythmic string orchestra. It would be great to hear this with a live group to get a sound with more bite and energy than what samples can provide. The motive is excellent. I like how the piece develops towards the end and would like to have more of this type of development vs the repeating motive which started to feel too safe for me. Another thought to increase the dramatic aspect would be to try different percussive sounds that are more dynamic. The sound you had throughout works, but again is too safe for me. Perhaps toms, percussion, or more of a stick sounding drum with a greater attack and with some low end would be more energetic. In this type of cue, I say “go big”!

I think this has a lot of potential. Keep up the great work!


Thank you Brandon for your extended feedback. I agree with your perspective. I could try a more dynamic rhyrmics in the future. Although I am happy with it, it makes sense what you propose.


Nice piece Jorge. I echo what Brandon says about it being played by live players, but it might sound quite nice as well if written with a high-end scoring software like Dorico Pro (What I used for the Jurassic Park cover). I do like the motif and the movement, but maybe a bit more development would be nice.

As a side note, it’s funny how what the composer’s emotion/intention was can be way different than the listener’s; despite the darker place you were coming from with this, it made me feel like I was chilling on the beach with a pina colada in hand :smile: Keep up the good work!

Thanks Matt,
I appreciate your feedback.
It really is very subjective regarding the feeling we get from a piece but it really gives me the action feel I wanted when I started composing it.



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I found this really pleasurable to listen to, it reminds me of playing in my sax quintet with all the sounds going on around me.

Dear Cliff.

Thanks for the feedback.
This piece really made me think a lot. After days of thinking how to add more elements to it, I decided that sometimes the way to improve it is to do nothing to it. I am really pleased with the results and glad you liked it.

Best wishes.



Your composition is awesome. I really love the rhythm. That stop and go melody with short notes is really refreshing.
Having said that, I only found a problem with the stereo mix. There is no cushion in the center to hold it all. Everything is too separated, and althought strings have velocity changes to enphatize the strong notes creating the motion, there isn’t a clear change in volume for each intrument along the song, keeping them the same high al the time. It results a little bit tiring.

Thanks Vicente! I agree with you. However, I like how it flows. I think maybe there is a lack of general dynamics in it. Perhaps, there is the need to have a more supporting middle frequencies at the more intense part of the piece. Furthermore, I am happy with it and I am glad you find it awesome!