About Possible Logic Pro X update to 10.4.7

I am little confuse about this matter
I went to apple support community to ask questions
And I came across that Logic Pro X has updated to 10.4.7
Is this true ?
and so I went to where I update my Mac etc…
But their was no update to Logic Pro X 10.4.7
Very confuse
Can anyone shed some on this ?
Thank You

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We just upgraded to 10.4.7 after upgrading to Mojave.

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Yeah update dropped for me about 11th October. Try rebooting, Signing out of app store and signing back in sometimes helps. Also try check for unfinished downloads in the store menu in app store.

Iam still on High Serria
Should i still be able to update ?

I’m still on high Serria so yes you definitely should be able to upgrade to latest version

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Just upgraded to 10.4.7 but I prefer to wait before upgrading to Catalina. How do you find this version everything works fine for you? I am asking because before upgrading I had some issues, such as some midi parts missing and a drummer track that completely disappeared…

Ok I am try it and I am on 10.4.7 so far

Hi there Fab,
such as some midi parts missing and a drummer track that completely disappeared…
is this still going on ?

Hi Brian,
so far everything seems to be working fine. Logic quit unexpectedly yesterday, but right now I am working ok with project and libraries saved on an external SSD card…

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Oh good :grinning: That good to hear :ear:
Yeah, I understand about it crashing I started to work and learning the EXS24 and it crash for me a few times
but so far everything is all good

You can imagine the surprise for me not to find things where they were supposed to be. I am just a beginner/intermediate user and in this last year or so everything was almost working ok with Logic. I imagine that veteran users probably would smile at this. Now I am more diligent with backups and also I save twice the project in 2 different disks…

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