A previous haunted, sad composition

A sad, haunted melody, with a lot of convolution reverb, with an Impulse Response that I created. It’s not the same category as the dark music contest, and I wanted to enter it, but obviously it wouldn’t have met the requirements.

My Creative Goal for the Music:
I was trying to compose a piece that could be used in a variety of genres, horror, tragedy, sad drama, etc.

Main Instruments/Sounds:
Piano, blended with a hyper modified vibraphone. The piano was played on an old SF2 player of LMMS, and is the MIS-piano SF2. The vibraphone is from the Phybes percussion instrument VST.

Track Insights & Final Notes
It’s a simple, yet haunting track, that has a lot of reverb to accentuate the spooky mood. I polished this up, and added the IR convolution using Audacity.


Sounds pretty good to me! Got the haunting feel by listening to it so you did a good job. I am now watching under the sofa to see if there is something hidden there. Thank you for that. :smiley:


Nice track ! emotional music is what i like to make the most ^^ ! but is there any reason why you are not using something like a solo (sad) instrument in this kind of music ? i think sad lead instrument can suit well in this kind of music ! and that instrument can be also used to tell a story ^^ that’s what i’m doing myself ! ^^

very good composition, i have a similar track in final fantasy VII on playstation one when a main character has died
great emotion and very sensitve, very good instrumentation, the arpeggio is soft and add this emotiv sensation that something is over
great job