A lullaby - would love feedback

Genre/Style: Ambient Piano

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to create a soothing lullaby. I do not play piano so figuring out the chords was quite an undertaking for me - be gentle :slight_smile:

Composition Details: BPM: 107; Key: D Major

Main Instruments used: Spitfire Audio LABS Modular Piano: Granular Piano

YouTube link:

Hi, Douglas!

Very nice. I liked the sound choice. It made it sound like a rattle or something in a baby’s crib that the child might have in their hand as they nodded off.

I may have used that patch for more of a background and a different, simpler patch for the melody. By isolating the two you could control how much “rattle” or shimmer there is while making sure it doesn’t overpower the melody. Over time I found myself waiting for the rattling to subside.

I also found myself waiting for a clean, melodic resolution. It seemed to wander a little, perhaps seeking it’s own resting place.

Hope that helps!


Hi Stan - thank you for your feedback. I am currently working with a vocalist on this song and the arrangement and instrumentation is going to be more fully fleshed out. The patch I used had the rattle/shimmer effect baked in – I can, of course, use a more traditional piano and leave the rattle/shimmer effect more in the background – I will make further adjustments as the song becomes more fully developed and cannot wait to post the final version once it is finished (which might take a while)

Hey, Douglas! Hope this message finds you well!!

I wanted to drop you a note here before posting something new. Your idea of a lullaby inspired me to try one myself. No plagiaristic intentions!!

Some things I noticed while jotting it out were:

  • Diatonic

  • Repetitive

  • Triadic harmonies

In my version I expanded the “lullaby” idea into a whole evening of parents trying to put a young child to bed when the child had no intentions of staying there. Even though my “children” are in their 30s I recall many nights like that!!

Here’s the link. Like I said, I’ll be putting this up in a few minutes but wanted to let you know your project was what inspired me to come up with this! Thanks!

Lullaby Little One - Stan Bann (ASCAP)

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Stan - I am so happy my song inspired you
I just finished listening to yours and love the use of the music box VST
The composition definitely evokes the feeling of parents trying to put a rambunctious toddler to bed

Once again, I am honored that my Lullaby inspired you to write one of your own

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Again, thanks for your inspiration and comments! Glad you enjoyed my take on it!

Take care! I’ll be watching for your finished one (or next iteration) when you’re ready to share!


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