8Dio Century Brass 2.0 - Are you excited about it?

I just watched the teaser and walkthrough videos of the new updates Century Brass 2.0 by 8Dio, and to be honest I have never owned any 8Dio library, but this actually got me excited. Lots and lots of articulations, great arcs, flexible mapping system, and imho it sounds great. :slight_smile:

Any 8Dio users here, or any views on this new Century Brass 2.0?

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Hi Mike. As a new member I’m browsing through some of the older topics. I am a happy 8dio CB2.0 owner, both the ensembles and the solo instruments.

I have to say they are really nice, especially the flugelhorns are a highlight for me. They can also do pretty gnarly bright fff stuff, a bit like JXL. Tone wise the library is pretty versatile, a bit on the brighter more epic side of the spectrum I guess. Btw, the 2.0 of Century Strings is also imminent. I will definitely get it and let y’all know…


Hello Temme,
Brass is tricky indeed, I mean super mega epic brass is easy…but if you want that magnificent dynamic range, expressive attack variation, shakes/growls, and everything a brass section is capable of…well then you have to dive into all those CC’s, breath controller etc. and hope the library can manage to keep up! :wink:

Atm I am very fond of Infinite Brass for this reason. Lots of performance control.

PS. I thought Century Strings 2.0 was already out?


I love Infinite Brass too. And no, Century Strings 2.0 has not been released yet, although @8dio did put out a couple of SoundCloud teasers earlier this week that sound good!