7 Major News in Logic Pro 10.5

Learn about the 7 Best News in Logic Pro 10.5 in my video here! :slight_smile:
TLDR: It is amazing! :stuck_out_tongue:


great intro into new features. Just a quick tip if you’ve not upgraded yet make a back up of your current logic app

New versions tend to be a bit buggy so you can always roll back if you need to.

Loving the step sequencer and new samplers

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And I noticed weird bugs opening 10.4.8 sessions in 10.5, so good to keep a copy of the ‘old’ Logic version.

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What bugs have you seen? The only one I am battling with is every project I have the Drummer track on is asking my to download new sounds to the Logic library. So I do, save, and next time I open the project it asks that again. I re-installed the entire Logic Library, moved it even, but still battling this issue.