5 Things To Start Music Production & Audio

Hello guys!

Finally, I made it! My first video on YouTube…wow! :slight_smile:

Let me briefly explain: I already shared the content in my blog, however, I also wanted to cover it in the video. I don’t want to act like a clown or similar, but I said to myself, that I need to be creative during the video-making process as well. So I have implemented some, let call them “stupid things” inside, to make it more dynamic overall.

I definitely had a lot of fun and maybe you could pick something useful for yourself too. (Audio in focus). Share, like, and share again :slight_smile: Without your help, nothing will grow :slight_smile: Of course, you can give me any critics. But for now, I did everything possible.

Have a great weekend!


Hey Alexey, thank you for sharing. I subscribed to your channel, maybe u could add mine too?
Have a nice weekend,


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Wow, great video Alexey. Super high quality, good information, and very well edited! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Seven_Tears!

Do you have a link for me or can I just find you from your name? :slight_smile:

This is excellent - great production and content - just good to watch anyway. Nice editing as well

Thank you so much @Mikael!

I hope I am on the right path. I needed a certain level of information, to make this video as it is. Had issues and troubles and blah blah blah. In the end, nobody cares. The only thing that counts is that people give me their honest opinion, and what I can improve to make it better. Period.
I am sure I could have added even more stuff, and I had more „ideas“, however, I do believe I covered the first topic as transparent as possible. I think that the art of making videos even about already known topics is how to present them in general.

I have many more ideas on my mind, and as I said, everyone can share his.

Thank you for all your support again! :slight_smile:

Let’s move on to the next one :wink:

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Hey Alexey,
maybe you could insert some text lines into your video, so its easier to follow the topic on which you explain.
Regards, Michael

Do you mean like a translation line? Not sure, what you mean exactly :slight_smile:

No, I think your English is fine.
If you explain maybe 2 minutes on a topic, you should show a text line with “1. Topic A” then “2. Topic B” … so if you watch the video you can read the topic for having a little guideline within the video.
Just an Idea.

…do you have an example for me? :slight_smile:

I have added the topics in the sidebar at the moment I said the “word”.

  1. Computer
  2. HPs / Speakers
  3. Audio Interface
  4. DAW
  5. Time & Patience (Black Screen)

If you can show me this in context with a video, maybe I will get it…haha :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Good stuff. I subscribe. Look forward to following you and learning more.

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Great video. Very informative and well edited. You are very entertaining. Subscribed :slight_smile: let the fun vids commence :wink:

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Thank you @Geoffers!

I received incredible support from everyone! It means a lot to me! It’s amazing! Now it’s time to go ALL IN, right? But still, I need to learn a lot more stuff. However, the most important thing is “to start” and don’t overthink all that process. You never know what will happen if you never try! :slight_smile:


Yeah go for it!

Looking forward to your material! I’ll try and share it on other platforms for u when I can.

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Thank you buddy! That’s more than I could have asked for!

Working on my second one. You know, just takes time to develop the concept of the video etc. but it just makes a lot of fun. Especially how this small ideas develop. I see so many parallels between audio and video production.

But what is much more important for me, is to sort out the super important things and pay much less attention to stuff I just don’t need to think about right now. (Although it’s a lot…and sometimes I am just so overwhelmed.

But then you just need to calm yourself down and relax. Pressure is good, however, can easily go into the wrong direction.) So I am totally relax and don’t want to hesitate myself into anything. I want to make it pleasant for myself. And if someone likes it, I see it as an extra bonus. :slight_smile:

Not only music and video. As a software developer i can tell u, that its very important to try things out and let them grow in your mind. Its always Think, Implement, Test, Run, for so many cylces until its perfect.

But you do a great job, keeping in mind, there are so many videos in the same genre. Try to find a special niche where you can set your personal footprint.

Good luck buddy,