1983 Song Cycle

Hi All - Was rooting around my old music school notebooks for the early 80s and found this song cycle I composed for a class assignment. Thought it would be fun to recreate it 40 years later and here it is!

Genre/Style: Sort of neo-classical, sort of fuguey, a little schumanesque
Creative Vision for the Track: This is a Song Cycle format for originally for Voice and Piano - 4 Short Songs that are interconnected Song 1 - Autumn, Song 2 - In the Passage of Time, Song 3 - The Bird, Song 4 - A Part of Me Has Just Died.
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Multiple Meters and Keys within each song/whole can send score if you would like to see.
Main Instruments used: Kontakt Piano, Synth V / Dreamtronics (Natalie and Solaria) and some Arturia Pigments

Enjoy! Feedback always welcomed.

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Hi Stuart- Very moving songs. I loved the music for song #4 especially, which I think could also be an