+100,000 views on YouTube Videos, how?

Hello Composers, Mike here, and I’ve been struggling on YouTube for 9 years. I have been doing mainly tutorials within Logic Pro X, Music Composition etc.

Now I want to step up my YouTube channel to the next level

My question for you: What types of shorter 5-10 min videos would you think have a chance to get more than 100,000 views per video?

I feel that most music education channels that get 100k+ views are either: music theory or a focusing on an instrument like piano or guitar.

Should I change to entertainment, meaning making music video covers or something like that? Or perhaps music theory, chords and harmony etc. is the way to go if I want to stay with education and still have a chance to get high views per video?

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My suggestion is to do it like Rick Beato. Make mix of theory, personal stuff and great examples from great composers. And show the practical advantage. Get deep into some theory that nobody would expect. Get into harmony , mixing, composition techniques of the 20 th century, scales, orchestration.

klaus ferretti

He is one of the channels that do very well. I have to confess I don’t have the passion to teach lots and lots of music theory, and I am now way near Rick on his level of knowledge in any case! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how quick tips and tricks videos on various aspects of music composition would do on YouTube. :confused:

PS. I agree, tutorials/education without more personality/vlog style content is not working on YouTube it seems.

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May be how to make music like Two steps from hell, Audiomachine, Hans Zimmer etc… ? ^^ i think a lot of people want to make music like them but they don’t know how! so some tutorials about how those guys are actually making music will bring some more views ! i think now you will find only one or two videos talking about how two steps are making music ! so you can analyze videos of those famous guys and try to make some tutorials about how they are doing it… ^^! May be you can check Alex Moukala channel, you look the views of his videos talking about Two steps or Hans Zimmer or others big names and his others videos, you will notice that ^^ ! i even saw 8dio commenting one of his video talking about two steps from hell ! so it’s may be one idea among a lot you can consider !


Ah thank you Muluku, never thought about that, but now that you mentioned it I believe you are on to something. Famous names in video titles always draws attention :slight_smile:

I have been a fan of Hans Zimmer from waaaay before he became super popular…all the way back in the Lion King era in fact, so that could certainly be something I could break down and explain various themes, techniques he used etc. :slight_smile:


Ok great ! so looking forward to see some of those break down ^^

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