Your YouTube Channel and Success

Do you have a YouTube channel as a composer?
Please post the link to it below so we can all see it. :smiley:

So some of you might know that I have built a YouTube channel (starting in 2011), that grown a lot over the last 2 years. I’ve learned sooooo much on my journey, and I would be happy to share any tips and strategies with you if you are interested in starting, building or growing your YouTube channel as a composer.

Please ask any questions you have regarding YouTube. :slight_smile:

Here is my YouTube Channel:


Hey Mikael,

Thanks for creating this topic. To grow my channel, I usually give feedback to other small musicians’ channels without asking to them to subscribe so that they come to my channel because THEY decide to… With this I created a small but loyal following and it has worked as most of my subscribers actually watch my videos and I recieve many comments and views per video compared to my subscriber count. I have also never EVER used the sub for sub or any shady way to promote my channel as you gain subscribers and views but they do not fell any real and your subscribers often do not come back. However, I’ve never had a video go over 500 views and I have about 150 subs and I wanted to know if you had any other techniques to bring more people to your channel? And if you have anything else that is interesting about this I’ll gladly hear it.

Kind regards,



Thanks a lot Mikael for this thread! :slight_smile:
Very kind of you to share your knowledge and experience.
Right now I don’t have any questions but I sure will have in the future since I’ve just started trying to make something serious with my channel :-).
Here’s a link to my channel:

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Here´s my channel

Hi. Nice topic. Will be fun to look at all the great work of you all in here. I already visit some of your Soundcloud already.
@Mikael I look at your videos sometimes. You have a lot of good content both your music and the educational videos. The structure and clarity is good just like your forum.
@StephanLindsjo Liked your channel too. you wright very nice and relaxing music.


Mike, have you done anything special over the last 2 years that you didn’t do before?

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Hello Alexis you did not post your channel? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes you are very correct, no shady tactics work, there are no shortcuts. I find that focus, strategy and consistently delivering content that people find valuable is the best way.

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Yes, perhaps I should even post this as ‘my youtube story’ as a longer post or even video. But in text I will do a TLDR now: Basically I lacked focus my first 7 years from 2011 to 2018. I was all over the place, vlogs, tutorials in too many varied aspects, music etc. Then in November 2018 I got an idea to do something big, and followed through: ALL IN on Logic Pro X tutorials and tips. That is all of a sudden my channel started taking of and building momentum. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mikael!
One of the golden rules, stick to one subject I mean.
I’m slowly transforming my channel from Lindsjomusic to MindLight. I didn’t want to start from scratch with my new project, since I already got some subscriber’s and they’re not to far away from each other. :slight_smile:

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I believe so yes Stephan, and also that if the purpose is to build a YouTube channel, that the “one subject” should be something that people find value in. Of course, people can find value in many things, but I have found also that it is basically like the essence of any “free market”. Let me explain:

What I mean is: Demand vs Supply. With Logic Pro videos for example, I only found MusicTechHelpGuy YouTube channel and a few others, but the demand seemed very high compared to the supply (amount of YouTube channels with this focus). :slight_smile:

PS. If you want to get inspired to grow a music-focused YouTube channel, one of our members in here Erik Rettig @ASKII, has a wonderful YouTube channel:


Very nice channel!
He also have a channel trailer, maybe that’s a good idea? hmm

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Haha I don’t even have a channel trailer yet, even though I’ve had my channel since the beginning of 2011. Perhaps it’s time for me as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

But then again, if I managed without it, I guess it’s not really necessary?

Great topic Mikael and nice channel, you have some really useful tutorials there!

I have a small channel that I have been plugging away at for about 5 years, I am slightly disappointed with the growth, but it is possibly because I cover a range of topics. I focus on guitar, gear reviews, tutorials, and a lot of ‘talking’ videos about music education and ranting about life!

As such I am starting a new channel now with my knowledge to see if I can make it work in a niche area or focus.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Keep up the good work guys!

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I think the most valuable advice I have received personally, that have made a difference for my YouTube channel growth is this:

Experiment with various topics until you find something that somehow gets more views than normal on your channel. Try doing a couple videos in that field, and if they are also successful, go all in with a full video series on the same topic.

You are totally right!

For me it is funny though as the videos with the most views are the ones I am…how shall we say…least passionate about. The ones that I am really passionate about get no views :slight_smile: It is a funny old world!!


Oh trust me, that is almost always the case. I am not most passionate about Logic Pro technical tips & tutorials. I like to share it, but I much more would rather focus on composition techniques, chords, harmony, etc. Basically, it seems to come down to the fact: what search terms are people writing?

Yes this is true and a bit like life and art I guess :slight_smile:

Give them what they want!

Stay safe!

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Oh yes I forgot to post the link to my channel thanks for reminding me! I also just started to put my music on Spotify Deezer Apple Music and more to broaden my audience.

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I started defenitely my channel two years ago. It is small one with 41 music videos. my channel


Hello Klaus, it says your forum account is new, but didn’t you sign up long ago (did you create a new account?)…or perhaps I just remember you from the Professional Composers Facebook group? :smiley:

my login are vanished . I do not know my password and so on therefore I create a new account.

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