✅ YOUR VOTE: Jurassic Park Contest

Congratulations to everyone that joined this Music Contest, you are all winners because you evolved our skills and experience as composers! I encourage all members to listen to all entries below, then vote on your favorites. :slight_smile:

Listen to All - Then Vote in the Poll below

1. Brandon Walker @brandowalk

2. Nick Rivera @Scoreonyx

3. Ismael Calderon @Ismael_C

4. Geoffrey Evans @Geoffers

5. Coni Massa @ConiMassa

6. Anna Buren @Anna

7. Vicente Sánchez @VSHDEL

8. Jen Simon @Jen55


9. Ben Beard @BenBeard

10. Klaus Ferretti @Kylian1


11. Matt Seewald @MaestroX

12. Cliff Stanton @Maestro

13. Keith Penfold @keithpend

14. Jorge Pallares Catalan @JorgePC

Vote on your 3 Favorites

  • 1 - Brandon Walker
  • 2 - Nick Rivera
  • 3 - Ismael Calderon
  • 4 - Geoffrey Evans
  • 5 - Coni Massa
  • 6 - Anna Buren
  • 7 - Vicente Sánchez
  • 8 - Jen Simon
  • 9 - Ben Beard
  • 10 - Klaus Ferretti
  • 11 - Matt Seewald
  • 12 - Cliff Stanton
  • 13 - Keith Penfold
  • 14 - Jorge Pallares Catalan

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PS. The winner will be announced after the voting has ended. :slight_smile:


Thank you Mikael. Lots of awesome submissions this month!!


Yes, I was a bit worried half way through the month with no entries! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Everyone’s been refining their pieces a lot I think :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn´t participate this month but I´ve listened to all the great contributions. It´s always hard to choose but now I have voted. Congrats everyone.

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Haha! I had all my midi transformations for everything but the violas disappearing as I moved between different versions and I just couldn’t fix it in time. :slightly_smiling_face: So fun to see every piece and I wanted to give all a vote. Good job, everyone!


I was tinkering with ideas for about the first half of the month, then it struck me that there was only a week and a half left, so i pulled a 10 hour session to brainstorm and write everything down! I can imagine why it took Brahms 20 years to complete his first symphony :anguished:


Then…, you can vote even if you don’t make a cover? And you can vote for yourself? :flushed:

You can vote on whatever you like, I trust your integrity! :slight_smile:


wow 14 compositions on the jurassic Park contest, great
not enough time to join in for this contest, i am overbooked in my work
i hope there will be another contest soon :slight_smile:

so let’s go listening and choosing

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I’m doing the video “trailer” for the next contest right now (for July) :wink:


I was really impressed with the overall submissions, some of which really made me smile, the unexpected eclectic mix by Jorge in particular brought a chuckle to an overcast July morning, very wild but thoroughly enjoyable. Brandon was great and the video was the icing on the cake, my top vote went to Klaus… just lovely! I liked the nuance added by the Overdriven guitar in Bens version, the atmospheric space in Coni’s was quite tangible, Geoffrey’s arrangement showed quite a grasp of the Williams sound, Vicente captured the mystery and magnificent atmosphere of the flora and fauna, Jen was very creative with the addition of powerful EDM feel addition to her orchestral arrangement. I would love to hear Matts very accomplished arrangement in an live orchestral setting. Keiths mix was clipping on my setup but otherwise a great effort. Anna lovely captivating and simple spacious, ticking lots of emo boxes. Me personally I love the learning process as much as the finished result, thanks for putting this competition together mike, love your tutorials!!! So the winner is, in 3,2,1, …