Your thoughts on Heavyocitys Ascend

Hey guys,
as you can see in the title this topic is about Heavyocity’s Ascend. My question is: is it the new THING when talking about pianos and piano ambiances, or is it something you could reach yourself with just a little bit sound design and some piano libraries like “The Giant” by NI i.e.
To me, it seems like it’s something you could reach with a bit of work and layering some sounds together.
Am I right here, or am I misleading?

Hello Sven,
I completely know what you mean…“the shiny object syndrome” is very strong for use composers when new tools arrive on the market! :smiley:

I am actually going to review this later, in a Live Stream on my YouTube Channel. But from a first test I did today it is a very unique approach which leans towards “ambient pianos” and “rhythmic soundscape piano-ish” sounds.

Mind you I own 20+ piano and keys libraries, so I am somewhat of a hoarder of pianos haha.

PS. In most cases you can always reach the same results with clever sound design and external effects. But as composers, getting the right sound as quickly as possible in order to not break the workflow, is also very important.


I’m a keyboarder/pianist so I instantly know if something isn’t right with a piano sound. That helps of course…

What I like: I like the captured sound, full of warm character and sounding pretty good in the midrange and high end. Like the effects, huge on-board possibility. You can do an entire score with only that thing.

What I don’t like: Maybe it were the sound examples, but I check especially the ones form “Mr. Jordan Rudess”, who is a beast behind the chair. And the bottom end in every example is so muddy and unclear, no felt “power”. I played a lot with Steinways and Yamahas and when you hit that lower range you are just blown away from that rich power…I don’t hear or feel it in the samples. It’s hard to explain, but it’s similar to a “kick-drum” punch. You just feel it in you chest! But it’s the same with other instruments too in my opinion. The microphones can’t capture that feeling really. But it’s another topic.

PS: I don’t have the plugin. I tell you only from what I hear in the examples…

Yes I agree, if you think of this as a go to piano library, it will probably disappoint you. Keyscape is my go to because it has a super focused sound with amazing low end.

But Ascend from my tests seems to be more sound design piano, as always with Heavycity products, which is in fact why I love them as a developer personally.

Again I have 20 different piano libraries, and all sound different, and can find their way into a track. I am certain this will too even if it doesn’t have that perfect grand piano balanced sound :slight_smile: