Your Studio Gear Wish List?

What is on your Studio Gear Wish List?

Our Dream Music Studio…even if it does not exist I am sure you are like myself, in that you always want more/new gear for it, right?! :wink:

So what is on your Studio Gear Wish List, here’s a couple of things on mine:

  • High End Audio Interface (RME, UAD…)
  • Studio Rack (at least 14 U)
  • SSD Raid (External solution)
  • New Electric Guitar
  • Expression device (ROLI, Touché or something)
  • Studio Desk

A new laptop (summer studio )
External ssd
A few libraries I’m waiting for to be on sale :slight_smile:
Put a mic in my nylon acoustic

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Once you go SSD you will never want to go back to spinning drives. It is the biggest leap I ever seen in all my years in computer hardware. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know, I have internal ssd’s

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Then you know. And btw, they make even bigger difference if you work with lots of smaller files, as we composers do with sample libraries for example. :slight_smile:

Firstly, I’m loving these threads!

My wish list is as follows:

  • Cine Percussion
  • my first analog synth.
    *external compressor
  • SM7
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Analog synth, eh? Tagging @Keith for this thread now! :wink:

Which one, a Moog clone/replika?

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Have my eye on the micro brute your able to patch in and out too.

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Well, right now, I just want an audio interface that works properly at all, as my Scarlett has gone senile. Or M$ decided to punish Focusrite for their crappy drivers. I don’t know - and I don’t really care either, as this interface is not worth the effort of further troubleshooting. :frowning_face:

Anyway, in approximate order of priority:

  1. More time to actually use my gear!
  2. Serious audio interface! (RME Fireface UFX+, probably)
  3. Expressive E Osmose. (Preordered!)
  4. Shure SM7B
  5. Desk or ceiling mic arm
  6. Ceiling cloud, new speaker “baffles” for the front wall, proper keyboard/desk build etc.
  7. Professional level violin
  8. AKG C414 KLII
  9. 5.1 or 7.1 surround monitor setup
  10. Hardware based speaker calibration solution
  11. Neumann KM184 stereo set

Of course, I’d also love to have a double bass, a viola, a violoncello da spalla, a flugelhorn, digital and acoustic drums, a proper recording room/booth, and a bunch of other stuff that will not fit in my room, or budget, any time soon. :smiley:


Well, first things first,

  1. A new MAC with 32GB of RAM and an SSD or at least fusion drive to handle the larger orchestral mock-ups.
  2. Cinematic Studio woodwinds, which hasn’t even been released yet.
  3. Metropolis Ark or BBCSO, for some add variety and quality.
  4. Full version of Studio One, as I’m still running Artist version.
  5. Larger MIDI keyboard, 61-88 keys.
  6. New bass guitar, because why not?
  7. Cello, because, why not?
  8. French Horn, because, why not?
  9. Larger apartment with a sound proof room (does that count as “gear”?)
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Nice list Matt, I forgot to add I am also going to invest in a new Mac this year. It’s going to be a crazy expensive year for me lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you play all those instruments yourself, or do you plan to learn?

PS. I just got BBCSO Core yesterday, so far very happy with it.

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Well I don’t play them specifically, but having played guitar for 20+ years and dabbled with violin, they are very similar (strings on a violin are the first 4 on a guitar in upside down order and playing techniques are the same except picking vs. bowing) so I’d like to learn cello for the same reason. With the horn, well I played trumpet as a kid so, why not? :laughing: Love both those instruments, but they are hella expensive.

Will you post a piece that you’ve written with BBCSO so we could hear what it’s like?

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Haha, I like your laidback “throw yourself into the battle” attitude. Go for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, after I get used to BBCSO workflow I will definitely make a composition where it is the prime focus. Was thinking of doing a review as well, but so many others have already done so.

Yeah! As orchestral composers, you don’t have to master the instruments but at least learning to play more than one greatly helps being able to write for them because you know what you can and can’t play, but I just like learning to play instruments!

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with using BBCSO! I’m Still getting used to CSS and I’ve had for 2 years! But That’s because I like writing the “old school” way with actual scoring software. Maybe I’ll post a short snippet of a piece I’m working on to get some feedback as I’m a bit stuck with it.

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Indeed understanding instruments, how they work, how they are performed, what you can do on them, is a huge thing! :smiley:

I don’t think you need to be able to play them yourself, but I do think the more you learn about all aspects of the instruments, the better you can become in writing for them.

Yes sure, always feel free to post music compositions (even unfinished ones). The only rule is to always post music in the “Your Music” section, and make sure to write a proper insightful and valuable description for it. :smiley:

PS. I will probably add CSS later, but I have been waiting for their woodwinds and what I assume will be a bundle of strings, brass and woodwinds! :wink:

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Got myself a desk boom arm myself a few weeks ago. Makes things so much more convenient! Especially with sound design!


I would like a mac desktop and a window desktop, is it okay to have both and connect two diff operating systems? One for processing software (mac) and one for storing plug ins and hard drive files. Also would like a larger pair of adam audio speakers, new m-audio keyboard and a korg keyboard, antelope interface, a console, an analogue sampler and ergonomic mouse and chair.


External compressor
Melodyne studio 5
I don’t know if I actually want one but I’d like to try a SM7B and cloudlifter.
Monitors, my laptop speakers only seem to start producing sounds 40hz and over which is not a good sign that they can be trusted I guess.
Headphones which don’t tire out my ears, I don’t know if they actually exist.

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Weird… It didn’t look anything like this yesterday. Certainly didn’t sound anything like this either…!

Also, updated my keyboard/desk prototype a bit, and got rock solid low latency audio, with full matrix routing, DSP effects and whatnot. No more glitches or BSODs!

So, I guess that covers points 2 and 7, then. Slowly running out of excuses here, as things gradually start sounding better, and working more reliably. Guess I’ll just have to up my game!


I’ve been using a spare tv as a second monitor but that tv has now decided to die.

This means I need to swap it out for an actual monitor.

This is the one I’m looking at getting… this is sadly at the top of my budget. Can anyone say anything about this monitor or suggest a better one??