Your opinion on Best Service ERA Vst

Hello all
i have listened to the demo of some best service instrument vst :

but does anyone here has one to give me his own feedback, sounding ? playability ? articulation ?


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Big big fanboy here of Eduardo his libraries and I have them all.

I use them in most of my compositions, his instruments are so beautifully sampled. Deep, consistent and lots of articulations. Mostly sampled from very near and quite dry, so you can place them easily in the space that you created in your own setup with your reverbs and they blend great.

You will find some unique sounding instruments crafted with care. I would also check out Dark Era btw as it became my favorite, but actually each and everyone of them is worth checking out. Probably there will be a 2 for 1 sale at Best Service soon with Black Friday, though Dark Era will not be included as they never include any library that is less then a year old.


Very underrated developer, and the libraries are very unique, many of them has that “grit” that is hard to find elsewhere. Could be fantastic for the “Dark Cinematic Music” challenge btw! :wink:


Hey! Don’t give away my secret weapon Mike :sweat_smile:

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you’re right, i have bought some of their library the sound is fantastic, interface is very simple to use and the possibilities are very inresting

I use ERA sometimes, if I compose a fantasy or mysterious scene. The libraries of Eduardo sounds great and they are inspiring.