Your Greatest Success as a Composer (so far...)

Please share your Greatest Success as a Composer (so far…). I think this can be hugely motivating for us all! :smiley:

For example:

  • A soundtrack for a movie/TV-show/game
  • A huge licensing deal you got
  • An album release you are super proud of
  • A Collaboration that went amazingly well
  • …whatever success you are proud of :slight_smile:

Well…I can’t say a personal success, but a junior producer I worked will and critiqued his work , I helped him get past the issue of “self doubt” … he has now been offered a term contract for music production for a label after about 18 months of working with him… I’m proud for his success and glad to have been part of it …even if it was a nudge in the right direction …


My personal successes:

  1. Collaborations with: Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Uyanga Bold (Two Steps From Hell), Mike LePond (Symphony X), George Rain (Sebastien), Tina Guo (Hans Zimmer).
  2. Composed scores for 2 Russian short films, “Goodbye Mister D” and “Instincts” , “Goodbye Mister D” is awards winning movie, got many awards in 2017 from international short film festivals around the world. “Instincts” in production now cuz it’s a new 2019 Russian short film.
  3. Composing music for trailer libraries (got not placements yet but working on it), but happy that some of the libraries approved my music for their albums.
  4. Won 2 times a yearly memberships in Produce Like A Pro community and studying there for free just because I’m trying to be super active there and learning so much from Warren Huart so as appreciation of my efforts and hard job Warren’s granted me with some special prizes which two of them were a yearly membership in PLAP.
  5. Learning sound design stuff in 2019 to make my cinematic / trailer music unique.
  6. Learning Finnish language (not a music related but a huuuge achievement for me personally).

P.S.: about future plans / achievements I’d like to reach the next goals:

  1. Got a placement in any trailer campaign with one of my trailer cues.
  2. Move to Finland.
  3. Compose music for full length film.
  4. Mix a single or an album for some famous artist.
  5. Have collabs with: Tarja Turunen, Sharon Den Adel and Amy Lee.
  6. Compose a song for a huge artist like: Christina Aguilera, Jlo, Adele or Katy Perry.

Wow those collaborations are huge, how did you get them, did you know someone in your network or were you able to reach out to them personally somehow? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love your ambition and drive, so great! :smiley:

Why move to Finland btw?

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I contacted them all personally. Wanna get my sound production degree in Finland and work there as sound producer mixing metal :slight_smile:

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Great question Mike! My successes I would say:

  1. Arranging for Tina Guo (cellist for Hans Zimmer and others)
  2. Staying consistent on my YouTube channel, uploading at least 1 vid/week
  3. Earning the trust of sample library developers to do reviews/walkthroughs of their products
  4. Almost had my track placed in an AXE commercial

On number 4, did you go through a publisher/music library, or did you pitch them directly?

I went through a library :slight_smile: Exclusive. It was definitely an exciting moment!


Meaning your track is still in there and will get other chances right? :smiley:

Yes that’s right :slight_smile: Gotta get my library game back up haha, I haven’t submitted in a while!

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Are you on several libraries, or just pushing to one exclusive?

I’m with one exclusive library that I’ve submitted all my major symphonic pieces to, but I also work with another who I write more light stuff for.


I havent been present on here very much lately…BECAUSE IVE FINALLY STARTED MAKING A LITTLE MONEY COMPOSING!! :))))) I just got put on a couple of indie game development teams and im composing music those. Greatest accomplishment so far!


Woah! Congrats, what kind of indie games? :slight_smile:

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2 of them are educational games through Legends of Learning.

Another one is being made by a team in the UK. They are making a kickstarter for it atm and they needed some trailer music. After that I hope to be their full time composer.

And there is one ive been working on for a while with a team in LA. That game is finally coming together lol

All these are either pc/mac games so far. Id love to get on board with some mobile game devs :slight_smile:


Full time composer? As in house, on location? Or still working from home like their main freelance composer?

Yea I would be working from home as their main freelance composer. Id love to move to the UK, but i dont have a passport loll

Since starting my production company, I’ve been blessed to create tracks for several reality TV shows, audio logos for shows such as Baby FirstTV, video games such as Minecraft, Los Angeles radio jingles and imaging and land a great seven year gig as go-to composer for a large supermarket chain. But my proudest accomplishment is composing/producing an album that has raised over $35K in sales with monies going to purchase and donate FIVE ultrasound machines to pro life clinics – saving over 1,765 babies from abortion at last count. Music saving innocent lives. Doesn’t get much better than that. :slight_smile:

I LOVE your channel Mikael. You make learning fun!
Keep on keeping on!


Wow that is amazing, and really shows how much music can do for the world! :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Always wanted to do, but never had answers back from the developers.

This is what I never understood so far. Even teams, who are looking for someone…guys it’s crazy, that I will tell you for sure!

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