Your Favorite Plugins And Why?

Yes instruments is one thing, at least for orchestral you need 3rd party libraries to really be able to do professional sounding tracks. But effects, wow I am so impressed with the ones you get with Logic, great range of effects, amazing quality. And I have been using a LOT of effects over the years in many different DAWs. Logic truly delivers on this aspect.

Granted there are some effects lacking, but they might add more in future upgrades. Also they have some unique ones that I love. Like phat fx and step fx, particularly step fx is utterly amazing! :smiley:

The one plugin I keep going back to is TDR nova - there’s a free version and paid but the free version is amazing. Really good dynamic eq.

TDR limiter is also excellent.

Love Valhalla reverbs and have a few soundtoy plugins which are amazingly useful

Nova is great in the beginning, but uses too much CPU. If you try out FF ProEQ-3 it’s on another level! You don’t have time access though, but actually you don’t need it really. It works good as a de-esser and side-chain ducker.

Never had a problem with cpu usage with Nova and currently fabfilter stuff is outside my budget- would like to get fabfilter stuff eventually though

If you use only one instance, then it’s not a big deal. If you want to use 10, you will need an i9 multi-core system…otherwise it’s not possible to run multiple instances. But maybe they have improved it, I’m not sure. At least I wasn’t informed by email.

There was an update a few months back. Just re - download from site. Do you have the paid version or the free one?