Your Favorite Music Performance YouTube Channels?

Hello Music Composers! :smiley:
Lately I have become super inspired by “Music YouTubers” that create their own “music performance” style music videos. One reason I have decided to buy (and learn) a few instruments this year, is because I want to also be able to do “performance” style music videos, even if they are simply me playing here in my studio. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of one of the artists I follow on YouTube that do performance type music videos of instrumental music, but I would love to hear your favorite YouTubers that make “music videos” similar to this! =)


Hey there Mikael,

Here are a few that I like:

The Piano Guys

Lindsey Stirling

Charles Cornell

Christopher Bill

Peter Hollens

If you like live-streaming musicians, Twitch has a pretty amazing community of performers and producers too. Here are a few of my current favorites:

Billy Mills

Dom Palombi

88-Bit Music

Drum Ultima



Ryan Slatko

And of course, I have to plug my own channel



Superb list, thank you Jim, now I have even more channels to subscribe to and be inspired by! :smiley:

My pleasure! Enjoy the rabbit hole!! :rofl:

On the comedy side of things, I love the channel Funk Turkey, mainly for the AI songs where he has an AI write lyrics in the style of a certain band and then records the song to sound like that band. The AC/DC one is probably the best.

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Anything by, The Piano Guys, 2 Cellos, Michael Ortega. These three epic channels (Epic music mix, Epic Music world, Epic Music Channel), Netherlands Bach Society.

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Here are a bunch of people/channels, ranging from classical (in the wider sense; baroque, romantic, contemporary, classical guitar, …) solo performances through electronic stuff. Some young and unknown, some seasoned professionals, all playing mostly acoustic instruments and similar contraptions.

I’d (obviously!) like to add some amazing cellists…

…a few awesome violinists…

…a harpist, often using loopers + effects…

…a clarinetist, playing various genres on clarinets of all shapes and sizes…

…and a guitarist, also experimenting with various other instruments:

Finally, performances on various instruments, classical and other genres:


I’ve never heard of any of these channels. That’s awesome! New music to check out! :star_struck: