Your Adventure in Music continues?

Hello Music Creators! :smiley:
Mike here, the founder and admin of this community. I want to give you a push to keep learning, keep improving, keep mastering the secrets of music. Whether you want to improve your skills in music theory, music composition, sound design etc. The adventure of mastering your music knowledge never ends.

Soon I will release a new course for you, but in the mean time, pick and choose from my best courses below:

Good luck adventurer, it’s time for you to become “hero of music”! =)

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Creators & Creative Musician


Thanks for all the great course Mike! They are detailed and easy to understand and have helped me a lot since I first came here a couple of years ago. Maybe a suggestion for a course in the future: An ‘orchestration recipes’ style course where you explain the types or instrument selections and combinations you make in your music to achieve certain style of sound/textures.


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