Yes We Know It's Christmas Time

This was originally composed for a children’s choir. But managed to find the amazing vocals from Emily Linge who is 12 years old. She has an amazing future ahead!

Emily did this in one take! Left the production ‘raw’ and not too processed.

Hope you like? Have great Christmas…

Simon Cheshire


Congrats, Simon (and Emily)! Nice song and production. The mix is appropriate for this music style. I might dial back the compression to the overall mix (and her track?) a bit to let her voice and emotion ring out more. It sounds a bit squashed to my ears. Well done.

PS. welcome to the site! Good to see new writers here.

Thanks Brandon.

Good critique! I’ll probably revisit this for next Christmas and take on board what you said. I have a songwriting partner from Sweden, we go under the name of SyCoZ. Currently pitching songs to Artists/Labels/Publishers. See link. The songwriting is the easy part, the pitching not so easy! Thanks and have a great Christmas…

Kind regards,


Niiiiiiiiice. Enjoy these days.

Nice song! I love the vocal harmonies. The mixing is great. Needs some drum fills, though. Some toms or snare rhythms. Some sixteenth notes on something would really spice up the drum pattern and add interest to the tune.
Very nice Christmas song!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. Totally agree with what you say re drums. I was very conscious of that repetitive loop! Will do a 2021 version for next Christmas and address this…
Many thanks again and have a great Christmas

Kind regards,