Writing music that defiines me for my Legacy

Symphony in the Key of Hope. Movement 1 This is a symphony that asks the question “What would it sound like if I went to America, Europe ( Spain ) and Africa if you gave them each a full symphonic orchestra plus their own singers and instruments as well, how would they musically express hope and beauty. Movement 2 is Africa and it’s done but another time.
My Creative Goal for the Music:
Is simply to Create music for the sake of art that I thought was unique and had no input from Directors, Record Companies or anyone who had the power to say “Hey, you can’t do that” or influence my choices.because in my case Record Companies would go crazy because I was prolific but any new musical ideas were put in the “This does not help people identify your sound.” bucket. Many years later I was told I had terminal Cancer which I think might have been for the best because I lost the ability to shove that feeling down, which lies to us saying” you have plenty of time… So I asked " How do I feel about what I had done being my Legacy." Not what I was capable of I didn’t think. I had never really tried to find out what music I was born to write and how i could tell. The answer is “Begin” I have no studio or mics and sing into a MacBook with Logic x 10.4.8 with 2 controllers .I want to leave behind a musical legacy but I had no idea what that would sound like so I just wrote the most beautiful things I could. or Dance music that MADE you dance. Some music tells you what it is and basically just borrows your hands to finish themselves , but some are good but, I don;t need to finish the lyrics until I decide