World Builder or Sequencer for Epic Choir

hello composer
i have a question about the coir library, and particularly the choir library with sequencer
how do you build your phrases to get a very epic sound when playing ? do you have any tips to share
i use mars from soundiron, lacrimosa from 8dio and symphonic choir from eastwest cloud composer
all of them have a lot of possibility and great sound

but i don’t reach to build great phrases to have a great result for epic composition

thanks a lot

Although “random nonsense” vocals kind of grind my gears in theory, it tends to be very difficult to make out the lyrics from an epic choir with orchestra, so I still settle for random syllables for the most part.

Best effort/results ratio I’ve seen so far is with Performance Samples Oceania. [] Just play chords for instant awesomeness, basically! There are keyswitches to select syllables and control ‘s’ endings in a consistent manner (so it doesn’t differ between plays/renders), but I usually just try some different starting points and let the syllable round-robins run.

If I want actual lyrics, I use EastWest Hollywood Choirs, which has a full set of consonants and vowels, and a phonetic sequencer (syllables + piano roll editing with envelopes for tweaking) to go with it. It’s a fair bit of work to actually get it to do what you want, but you can get pretty amazing results. Haven’t done any serious projects with it yet (I need to write lyrics again, for starters…), but played around with it some time ago:

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@olofson, can you tell me what brass library this is? I don’t know, but somehow I am really impressed with the sound!

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That’s the “Full Orchestra Artics” multi from Metropolis Ark 3, played in octaves, with a few keyswitches and some modwheel riding, and a bit of Spaces II and TC VSS3 on the master reverb bus. This is essentially what the Ark libraries are about; focused on specific areas, and giving this kind of sound pretty much out of the box. :slight_smile:

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Could have thought of…OT is sounding great out of the box, as you said! yeah…rocking!

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I have no problem with nonsense latin or slavonic in choirs. But it can sound bad if there are too few words used in the phrases.

This will sound a bit unusual, but I have in fact not used the word builder in Soundiron choirs. I use the patches where there is a knob to change words, and then I map the mod wheel to it. Then I simply draw in random changes with the mod wheel to change the words over time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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