Workflow boosting apps for composers

What software and apps do you use other than your DAW or notation software?

I like apps and software that can boost my workflow. One such app is Suggester which is great because it’s a standalone chord app, but you can drag and drop the chords directly into your DAW.

Are there any more cool apps that can help us speed up our process of composing music?


As cool app, there is scaler i’m using often !


I’ve seen this sometime before. But how do you personally use it for your workflow? I’m curious. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got both - just got Scaler -like suggester you can drag chords but you can also sequence chords to some degree and drag that in. It also lists related keys and you can add variations of chords (inversions 7th sus etc) you can also use it like logic to only play in selected key etc.

I do like the fact it gives you a quick guide to how the scale/mode sounds in the list. I haven’t really explored everything yet but it seems useful.

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I also have “Captain Chords”, which sounds like a silly toy plugin, but is actually incredible complex when it comes to music theory/harmony. I love that you can also record your chord progressions manually in the app. I am a huge fan of somehow “recording” everything with my MIDI keyboard even if it is by “step input”. It simply give me more “feel” for the music. :slight_smile:

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Most of the time i make first the melody before the chords! and when the chords i’m trying not working i use scaler to generate chords based on that melody ! or sometimes i just use it to generate some chords progression !


I have NextChord installed on my iPad, uses machine learning algorithm trained on over 10000 songs and suggest the next chord with probability bars.

Also outside of actual music making, I use Trello to keep myself from procrastinating, I find it’s better for me to make tasks about everything I need to do which I can then move to the Done-board once they’re completed. And I can also easily see later what I’ve accomplished.

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How do you use Suggester? I have it but I’ve never used it before. As far as the Capitan Chord, I have seen it numerous times pop up in the YouTube ads but I just ignored it because it looks like a toy.

I don’t use it all the time, but mainly for the drag and drop feature: